Subterranean Life: On Being a Christian in Community (Link)

The link above is to a blog post by Dan White, Jr., called “The Subterranean Life: Re-imagining Radical.” It’s one of the best articles about the Christian life and community I’ve read on the internet in quite a while, especially the part after the subheading “The Subterranean Life.”

Here’s an excerpt, but if you’re interested in discipleship and the church, you really should go and read the whole thing.

We need a new imagination for radical. Radical’s hopes need a refreshed perspective; one that plummets us deeper in how to be human in the world as the means to being missionalWe need to upend the flight of radical that is bored with the mechanics of being vitally ordinary. We need a disciplined imagination for following Jesus that moves us into mission but lodges us thoroughly with roots we nurture and grow.

Read more at Dan’s blog.

Kevin Scott

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Kevin Scott is a pastor, speaker, and author of ReCreatable: How God Heals the Brokenness of Life (Kregel, January 2014). He writes essays about sustainable Christian living, discipleship, and community.

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