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ReCreatable: How God Heals the Brokenness of Life

by Kevin Scott

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God created you to reflect his glory in your life and all your relationships. Unfortunately, the mirror is cracked. The reflecting pool has become polluted. God’s image is distorted, and you fall short of your holy calling to be his living temple in the place where you live.

We all are broken people. When others examine our lives and relationships, rather than God’s glory, they often see a mess.  You might be tempted to think that there’s nothing for God to do but to sweep up the broken pieces and dispose of them or maybe hold them in storage for later. But God looks at the broken pieces and says, “I created you; and I can put you back together again. Let’s get started right away.”

Your life may be utterly broken, but it is not irretrievably broken. ReCreatable: How God Heals the Brokenness of Life tells how God redeems and restores us so that we can once again reflect his glory as he originally intended. Here you will find an ancient, but often forgotten, pathway that can lead to redemption, healing, and peace in all your relationships, with God and others.

It’s not too late to start your journey down that forgotten pathway to becoming the person you were created to be. Let’s get started right away.

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Note to Pastors

In addition to being a highly readable book that any Christian—from new disciple to mature believer—would benefit from reading, ReCreatable is also designed to be a primary discipleship resource for use in the church.

Section 1 tells the biblical story of redemption from the perspective of brokenness and healing.

Section 2 traces the pathway to lifelong, sustainable discipleship.

Section 3 reinforces the essential nature of participating in a Christian community for healing and spiritual growth.

All together, the book provides an inspiring, compelling vision of the redeemed, fully mature, Christian life, so that readers begin to understand what it is they’re after.

What’s more, this vision of discipleship is presented in an easy-to-grasp-and-remember presentation, so that disciples understand how they can actively and naturally participate in the church’s task of making more disciples.

The book includes a small group discussion guide that will help your Sunday School teachers or small group leaders guide their group through a twelve-week discipleship journey together.

I’ve also written sermon notes for a four-week discipleship series highlighting key themes from the book, focusing on Romans 5, 6, 8, and 12-14. The sermon series, including custom graphics, is available as a free download at The sermon series, along with the group discussion guide, is a great way to help your congregation members not only to grow deeper in discipleship but to learn their role in making disciples as well. Read the book, check out the sermon notes, and consider how ReCreatable might fit into your church’s discipleship ministry.

ReCreatable will help your people embrace the call to discipleship and to participate in the Great Commission.

Order your copy of ReCreatable: How God Heals the Brokenness of Life and consider how it might fit into your church’s discipleship ministry!

What Ministry Leaders Are Saying about ReCreatable

All of us have brokenness in our lives, but ReCreatable reminds us that God is all about restoration. If I had to describe this book in one word, it would be hope— hope for all of us, hope for any of us.

Rev. Kenneth C. Haugk, PhD, executive director of Stephen Ministries

Have you reflected God’s glory today? In our culture, we tend to be “doers.” Being “reflectors” is not on our minds. In ReCreatable: How God Heals the Brokenness of Life, Kevin has brought us to a new level of discipleship that is contagious and filled with the hope and holiness of Jesus. Definitely a resource that will bring healing and growth personally and in community. Honest! Hopeful! Thoughtful!

Dr. Jo Anne Lyon,
 General Superintendent of The Wesleyan Church and Founder of World Hope International

Our creator God has given us this world so that we might live well, but like the earth itself, we are a broken people. Yet God offers each of us hope—hope for a new earth, and hope for restored hearts. ReCreatable extends the blessings of reconciliation to all of us. May we learn to rest in God’s healing and enter into His shalom.

Matthew Sleeth, MD, Executive Director of Blessed Earth and author of 24/6: A Prescription for a Healthier, Happier Life

Kevin Scott addresses an important question, which is, how do we keep a sustainable faith while living in a broken world? Anyone looking to sharpen their walk with the Lord will find this book helpful.

Dr. Alvin Sanders, associate executive director of EFCA National Ministries and author of Bridging the Diversity Gap

Here is a biblical vision for discipleship and holiness that will resonate with a new generation. In ReCreatable, Kevin Scott marks out the ancient but oft-forgotten pathway to living well through the power of the Holy Spirit. Read this book with your family, your congregation, or your small group to discover together how to bring hope and healing to the corner of the world where you live.

Dr. Stan Toler, best-selling author, pastor, teacher, and general superintendent emeritus for the Church of the Nazarene

Order your copy of ReCreatable: How God Heals the Brokenness of Life today!

About the Author

A native of St. Louis—and a die-hard Cardinals baseball fan—Kevin Scott is a member of the pastoral staff at Stephen Ministries, where he serves as a writer, teacher, and leader. He has also written several small group studies and more than a hundred devotions for publication. Kevin earned a Masters Degree in Exegetical Theology from Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, after completing a thesis about Jesus, the Pharisees, and Matthew 23.